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That's Amore! was born as the first company specialized in same-sex marriage in Brazil. We believe in every kind of love, in the freedom to live and celebrate your achievements the way you dream.

We have expanded our scope of services at social events to serve all those who believe in our purpose. Weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, surprise parties, bachelor parties or simply that date that will come into existence because your dream will come true.


Our company was born with the desire to deliver unforgettable experiences for our customers. So much so that in 2013 we were the first Brazilian company to exclusively marry gay couples .

And as life is made up of great moments, we expanded our scope of action to share new moments of happiness.

We have been together since the first anniversary, dancing at the age of 15, celebrating graduations, witnessing the vows of love at the wedding, until the renewal of vows at the wedding!


Anyway, That's Amore! intends to be by your side so that you live your dream fully.


And for that to happen, our mission is to make your day more comfortable, safe and special.

That's Amore! it is, in essence, a company that wants to spread more joy, emotion, freedom and, above all, love throughout the world.


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